Friday, May 16, 2014

Desperate Measures -- Claire Firth

 As a fan of Claire Firth's The Reluctant Bride, I waited anxiously for the release of her Desperate Measures. This book is so right up my alley. I love this type of story where, per the description of the book, the characters are "two damaged people" who basically heal each other. Sigh! Do prepare yourself for a bit of steam -- it is an Erotic Regency Romance Novella, after all. But, in my opinion, the author writes extremely tasteful (still erotic) love scenes.

Read the synopsis below, then grab your copy on Amazon for just $1.25 (promo price, subject to change).

Synopsis: Desperate Measures:

Lady Isabelle Pennington has been put off men for life. Married off by her family to an abusive man 35 years her senior, she is now widowed and virtually penniless. His debauched lifestyle and treatment of her has left her deeply scarred and vowing that never again will she allow herself to be subjected to such abuse. 

Guy, Duke of Rotherham, has had one wife walk out on him and has no wish to enter the matrimonial stakes again. But when he and Isabelle are thrown together, he finds himself drawn by her calm demeanour and aloof beauty despite himself. 

To begin with Isabelle wants nothing to do with this imposing Duke who has dragged her into his life, but then to her shock she realises that he does not repulse her as her first husband had done. Indeed for the first time ever, she actually starts to enjoy the exquisite sensations he is able to arouse in her. 

Two damaged people, intent on maintaining their independence. But both turn out to be highly passionate - and once passion flares it is not easily extinguished!

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While you're at it, grab your copy of The Reluctant Bride - another wonderfully steamy love story by Claire Firth.

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